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We offer professional cleaning of homes, offices and hotels on the territory of the city of Burgas, the region, as well as the whole Black Sea coast. Our specialists have years of experience in quality and professional cleaning, which ensures fast and efficient service!
Basic cleaning
Machine cleaning of hard flooring. Cleaning of windows, doors, window frames. Sanitary premises. Wiping dust from furnishings. Cleaning lighting fixtures, switches, sockets and air conditioners.

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Cleaning of windows, window frames and doors
Cleaning with special equipment and preparations after which on the surface remains a film to protect it from dirt. Cleaning is done manually with suitable equipment and preparations to remove fingerprints, insects and any kind of dirt

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Washing of textile upholstery by extraction
Professional cleaning with appropriate preparations. After application of this technology the surface remains clean and acquires slight pleasant aroma. Washing by this method consists of high pressure injection of cleaning solution, subsequent suction, rinsing and drying of the surface. The use of suitable preparations helps to clean the most stubborn dirt.

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Moquette cleaning
Machine wash with disk machines with soft brushes. The dirt is removed to the base of the hair and the colors are refreshed. The machine washing is carried out with disk machines equipped with soft brushes. The flooring is shampooed and then rubbed with the disk machine, followed by suction of the dirt with water vacuum and subsequent rinsing by the extraction method (solution injection and simultaneous suction)

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Cleaning after repair or new construction
Machine cleaning of hard flooring . Cleaning of sanitary premises. Cleaning of windows, window frames and doors. Complete cleaning of newly built buildings including:
Dusting walls, cleaning dried glue and plaster, machine cleaning of floors, cleaning stairs and railings, dusting and polishing the doors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the inside of the windows and window frames, cleaning the facade of the building.

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High-altitude cleaning services
Professional cleaning of windows, facades, ornaments and other objects located at high altitude.

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Professional vacuum cleaning with special vacuum cleaners in order to achieve lasting results.

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Cleaning of swimming pools
Cleaning waste from the pool. Machine cleaning of the entire pool. Brilliant and lasting result

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Cleaning aspiration of restaurants
Degreasing and cleaning of aspiration and ventilation in restaurants. Long-term result.

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  • Machine washing hard
    flooring - 1.50 BGN / m²
  • Polishing hard flooring - 1.50 BGN / m²
  • Removing the sealing of hard
    flooring - Price after inspection
  • Washing soft
    flooring / wet / - 1.50 BGN/m²
  • Vacuuming - 0.60 BGN / m²
  • Machine washing of sofas:
    seat - 7.00 BGN / piece
    chair - 3.00 BGN / piece
  • Washing windows and shop windows up to 3m height - 0.80 BGN / m² *
  • Washing windows and shop windows over 3m height - 1.60 BGN / m² *
  • Cleaning windows - 0.60 BGN / m *
  • Performing non-specific work by
    a worker - 7.50 BGN / hour
  • Transport fee - 0.75 BGN / km.
  • Complex cleaning - from 2.50 to 5.00 BGN / m²

* (One-sided)
Minimum cost per order - 40.00 BGN
Price increase for: moving equipment, express order, heavy dirt, outside working hours,
weekends, cleaning after overhaul, unfavorable working conditions, height over 3 meters =, holidays
The prices above are exclusive of VAT

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Our gained experience, the correctness and the perfect execution of the assigned tasks, make "Darko" a preferred partner in professional cleaning.

We offer professional cleaning of homes, offices and hotels on the territory of the city of Burgas, the region, as well as the whole Black Sea coast. We have been engaged in cleaning services for many years, which allows us to understand the needs of our customers and to adapt quickly. Our team of professionals works hard with the help of special equipment and detergents. This allows us to guarantee efficient, reliable and quality service that keeps its result for a long time. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or advice.

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